female brain image with #DyslexiaThinking tag

The power of neurodiversity

I’m thrilled to announce the world just got that bit easier for those of us who are neurodiverse.

Neurodiverse simply means someone who thinks differently from the way the majority (referred to as neurotypical) of society expects.

If you are dyslexic this is particularly support for all of us today. LinkedIn has launched a new skill we can all add to our profiles DyslexicThinking.

Today, LinkedIn is publicly recognising Dyslexia across their entire platform. They are doing this with the addition of a new skill called Dyslexic Thinking. For every person like me who has always been considered odd because we struggle to write, every parent who supports a dyslexic child to achieve, mark this day.

For every company like FlyingBinary who builds Empathy Economy technology, who everyday promotes what neurodiversity brings to our world, today is the day society has seen us and the contribution we bring.