I'm Dr Jacqui

...and I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs just like you

You're not alone

Over the past ten years, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs, and they all have similar stories. Just like you, they’re skilled at what they do and passionate about helping their community. Although their business is successful, there aren’t enough hours in the day to scale up their offering. This creates frustration, and sadness for all the people they are unable to help.

There are other barriers, too. You just know that the tech should work – but it just doesn’t! And there are so many challenges in the world: in the economy, in politics and in health. It can all seem overwhelming.

Sound like you? Thought so. You’re not alone.

How would it be if you had a mentor by your side, every step of the way? To show you the parts of your business plan that will help you scale – and those that will hold you back? To help you access resources so that the tech “gets out of the way”? To help you navigate the chaos in the world, and find the opportunities to help your community?

That’s why I’m here

I’ve already helped thousands of entrepreneurs get past the roadblocks. As a woman, I’m sensitive to the unique challenges faced by female business leaders in a male dominated environment, and I’ve become very adept at resolving them!

My priority is to address your needs with practical solutions: help you grow and expand your client list, manage your time and your tech, and free your ideas and passion to benefit your clients and the communities you support. Along the way, we’ll add strategies for managing risk, so that you and your family are safer and more resilient.

In the Empathy Economy, our shared goal is profit for purpose. When I help you succeed, everybody benefits: your family, your community, the environment and the world. When we collaborate we create the change the world needs to see.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Empathy Economy and supporting you with the next stage of your journey.

Dr. Jacqui Taylor is a true expert and an inspirational figure, she helped us build our business idea and supported me and my team in building our network.

Izhar Arieli CEO Tenure X

Izhar Arieli, Co-founder and CEO TenureX

Top 6 Zoom Tips

Zoom is an established part of our world for us as entrepreneurs, for our children and to keep us all connected.

Here are my 6 top tips created with the communities I support to ensure that your business, your family and your communities stay CyberSafe online with Zoom.

Clubhouse Tips 

Technology currently used by businesses online is being rebuilt or removed. The change includes making all technology more accessible and inclusive for the Empathy Economy.

I've created a download of my 10 Top Clubhouse tips I've used to get folks started on their Clubhouse journey and building their business on tech built for the Empathy Economy.

Jacqui is inspirational to collaborate with and in supporting innovation and a future focus. She has given me great advice and mentorship (and is generous with her time) in terms of future success and adding social value.

Rachel Wood

Rachel A. Wood MSC, MBPsP, Service Design Lead