About me

I am CEO of FlyingBinary. We build DeepTechnology for the Metaverse and the Internet of Things. I am an Expert Advisor to 180 nations across the world.

I founded the Empathy Economy after delivering a speech at Davos in 2019 on the future of the Cyber Security industry.

I'm an Expert Advisor

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Expert Advisor

The web science I have pioneered across the world has been based on a mission of inclusion...leave no one behind.

The DeepTechnology we have built using this web science has positively impacted over 1/2 of the world's population.

I advise 180 nations on how they can use DeepTech technology to create better health and wellbeing outcomes for their citizens using the web science and technology I have pioneered.

Empathy Economy

I am launching a unique Empathy Economy membership where I will personally teach other entrepreneurs how to become changemakers and create impact across the world using the plan, technology and methods I've used myself.

In 2022 I am planning to launch this unique membership for entrepreneurs and changemakers. In the meantime you can join the waitlist so I can keep you updated on the latest news.

I'm a speaker

I've delivered keynotes to governments, Fortune 100 companies and organisations on using DeepTech to create ethical innovation across the world and importantly create positive returns on your technology investment. Let me know if you would like me to deliver a keynote to support your business growth

 Jacqui is a world-class entrepreneur that has continually pushed the limits of what can be done in the tech world. She shifts paradigms. 

Petar Chardakov Projects Director EEMA

Petar Chardakov, Projects Director at EEMA