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Welcome to the Empathy Economy

Hello and welcome to the Empathy Economy. I conceived the Empathy Economy in London in December 2016 in response to the opportunities that Brexit bought for my company FlyingBinary.

We created FlyingBinary to build Deep Technology to create impact across the world. So far we have positively impacted over 1/2 the world’s population. With Brexit we had the opportunity to envisage a new future for our deep technology, one that focused on delivering business online using a new business model a deliberate move away from the Sharing Economy built by companies such as Ebay from 1995.

In discussion with entrepreneurs as part of our Christmas get together in London 2016 we talked about how the Sharing Economy freemium business model had brought many brilliant services to the world but the price had been the erosion of our privacy and the rise of the cyber criminal creating a security nightmare for all of us online. As I often say free is never free, we are the product. As technology entrepreneurs we were increasingly uncomfortable with the poor ethics and morals which accompanied Sharing Economy services.

I resolved to uncover a better business model option. It took me a year and in 2018 at FlyingBinary we launched technology which allowed us to connect with the unheard voices across the world who agreed it was time to reimagine a technology future which enabled the world we all wanted to live in. More importantly people across the world told us what they wanted to see instead.

I shared 40,000 of those unheard voices at Davos in January 2019 which started a ripple across the world which hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs to become changemakers using the empathy economy plan I’ve used for FlyingBinary ever since.

I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to connect with me online and I’d love to know more about how I can help and support you with your online journey, business or community. Tell me who you are? Who you serve? and what you need to get done next? and let me help you start your Empathy Economy journey today.