Uncensored library


I am the co-founder of the datajournalism industry. The industry is founded on one phrase “Facts are Sacred”. Are you aware of the work many of our investigative journalists have done, some paying the ultimate sacrifice to share those facts with the world? Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, Pandora Papers and breaking the Opiate scandal in the US. I’m introducing you to another initiative today which is one our most ambitions projects to date…the uncensored library.

24 People Built A Giant Library In Minecraft That Helps Fight Censorship Around The World. The virtual library, named The Uncensored Library, was created by Reporters Without Borders (RSF). RSF have used a loophole to bypass internet censorship in countries without freedom of the press. Watch the video [1:57] to get an overview of the library.

The library contains banned reporting from Mexico, Russia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. An entire wing is given to each country, each containing several banned articles. The library was released on March 12, 2020, World Day Against Cyber Censorship.

Just one ask from me. If you love it there are share buttons for some of the more popular social media platforms on the video. It would be great if you would share the uncensored library with your network and help us build a Cyber Censorship free online world. The hashtag to share with your post is #TruthFindsaWay.